MTP8000Ex Series Tetra ATEX Radios 

Designed for Extreme Hazardous Environment (Oil & Gas, Fire)  

DLR Series Digital Business Radio 

Designed for Professional Business environment (Retail, hospitality, healthcare & education)



LEX L10  

Designed for Mission Critical LTE Handheld


MiT 7000  

Designed for Japan Professional Business Environment



Designed for hospitality, services, security and airport industries.



Designed for Public Safety Body Worn Camera 


DP4000 EX Series 

Designed for explosion-prone, dangerous environments such as oil rigs, mines, and refineries. 

APX 4000 XH

Designed for the hazardous environments such as Mining and Petrochemical industries.


Active Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphone

Designed for toughest environments while providing clear communications


Swivel Earpiece

Designed for comfortable, flexible in ear fitting for hospitality and retail environments


MCD 5000 Deskset System

Designed for Dispatch, back-up sites, special events or call monitoring environments.


Cryptr 2

Designed for critical mobile communications networks